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“There is one stadium that forms the Mekka of every groundhopper…”

Fotoverslag van Pitch’d uit 2015-2017.

Van Pitch’d: Every groundhopper all over the world will confirm this… Belgium is rich with great stadiums, either abandoned, or still in use by old glory teams. But also by current top teams. We have visited quite some beauties the past two years. But there is one stadium in Belgium that stands out. One stadium that forms the Mekka of every groundhopper. One stadium being used by the team that proudly carries matricule number 1 in Belgium. This stadium is Den Bosuil, played in by Royal Antwerp FC.

Een uitgebreid fotoverslag van een wedstrijd in de periode 2015-2017 vind je hier!

Er staat zelfs een anekdote in over de vierkante palen van vroeger ­čśë 

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